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Capital Management 
That Isn't Impossible

Whether it's finding funding or multiplying your money, Reggae Resources has the solutions you've been searching for.

Funding Made for Small Business

We're proud to deliver the best financial products on the market for small business ventures. Here's why we're a cut above the rest:

Easy & Simple Approval

Small business? New business? No problem. No more rejections from the bank or institutional lenders. Reggae Resources can approve most applications.

Competitive Interest Rates

Stop getting destroyed by overinflated interest rates. Our rates aren't determined by the Federal Reserve or greedy bankers. They're determined by investors who want to help.

Fast Funding

When other lenders say" Next Day", they really mean Next Week. With Reggae Resources, submit an application today, get funded as soon as 3 days later. 

Fund It Your Way

Unique Options

Pay back your loan in whatever way works best for your business:

1 / Traditional Loan

Pay back principle and interest simultaneously over a daily, weekly or monthly basis at a lower interest rate.

2 / Interest Only Payback

Only pay back the interest over the term of the loan and repay principle at the completion of the term.

3 / Lump Sum

Payback the principle and interest together at the conclusion of the loan term.

Find Out More

Grow A Money Tree

Invest With Reggae

Our philosophy is simple: deliver our investors an outstanding return on investment, and use the investment funds to benefit qualified small businesses. 

We strive to deliver a rate of return that consistently outperforms the stock markets, while being as secure as a typical savings account.

All of that while still helping your local community get the kickstart it needs by funding the small businesses that drive it forward.

Sound too good to be true? Try us out and find out!


We're Ready When You Are


3403 NW 82nd Ave Suite 101H

Doral, FL 33122



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