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Recommendations You Can Trust

Our inspectors get paid to inspect, not bring in new work, which means you get an unbiased opinion every single time. You can always take our recommendations to the bank.

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Of Course You "Need" An Expensive New Roof!

What kind of answer did you expect to get from a roofer who wants your money?

The Problem With Another Roofer's Recommendations:

Sometimes a $2,000 repair will extend the life of your roof just as much as a $20,000 re-roof. Other roofers always give you the most expensive option.

Does your roofer even have the right tools to diagnose the roof? Proper cameras, probes, and engineering tests, such as water weakness tests, will reveal the reality of your roof's condition.

At Reggae Roofing, our goal is to give you the real, total picture of your roof, whether you want to work with our roofers or not.

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Don't Misdiagnose The Problem

Even the most experienced roofer is still limited by what his eyes can see. With Reggae Roofing, we always check what our eyes can't see to find the root source of your problem. 

The latest infrared cameras, drones, and roof testing equipment ensure that your roofing concerns are targeted precisely. No more paying for a 3,000 sq ft repair when a 30 sq ft repair would have sufficed.


With a Reggae Roofing Inspection Report, you have access to all of the insider information that other roofers use to arrive at your estimate, in addition to a full diagnostic of your roof:

  • Evidence-Based - Our infrared imaging gives us numerical, scientific data that we distill and give to you. With that, we'll be able to tell you exactly where the weak spots are, their probability of failure, their life expectancy, and an exact procedure on how to repair it. We eliminate the guesswork and replace it with factual data.

  • Current Material Data - Our Inspection Report comes with a full list of the materials that should be used on the repair or re-roof, their prices, lead times, and specification sheets.

  • Realistic Estimate Ranges - Estimates for recommended work are broken down into Materials, Labor, Overhead & Profit. This will give you a full picture of what to expect from a roofer who goes out and executes the job.

  • Professional Imaging - We take 45 megapixel photos of repair locations and in-depth infrared images which are attached to the report. You can even request a Drone Report to get a full, bird's eye view of your property.


Save Thousands of Dollars with a Second Opinion

Make sure you're getting a fair price, no matter the size or scope of the project. If you already have roofers you rely on, you should still strongly consider getting a full Inspection Report to ensure that they're being honest and fair with their pricing.

An Inspection Report arms you with knowledge that only the most sophisticated roofing experts have. It'll help you negotiate down a price with any roofer as you learn what standard pricing options there are, and it gives you the peace of mind in knowing that if your roofer cannot do a job at the recommended price point, you'll be able to find other roofers who can.

Additionally, our reports make it simple and easy for other roofers to see what they may not be able to see without our technology, giving them a clear roadmap to the repair or re-roof. In short, an Inspection Report gives you as the Property Manager/Owner all the power.

Yes, We Also Speak Insurance

Dealing with insurance companies is one of our specialties here at Reggae Roofing. We know how frustrating and difficult it can be to get any help from your policy, but with our team of Adjusters, Appraisers, Contractors, and Inspectors, we know how to get the insurance's attention.

When you have scientific data-backed recommendations from a licensed and Certified Roofing Contractor and Inspector, it's hard to continue denying the claim. Contact us to see how we can help you get your insurance company to finally work for you.



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Reggae Roofing is proud to service all of South Florida. If you are located in Miami Dade, Broward, West Palm Beach, or Monroe County, we can help you!

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