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Get It Done, Cheap

We repair every type of roof on time and under budget. Stop giving your business to roofers who play games with your tenants. 

Angry Tenants Cost Money

That's the bottom line.

Leaks and other roofing weak points can cause damage to inventory, raise insurance costs, and lead to unruly tenants.

And then calling just about any other roofer in South Florida is going to do nothing but give you an even bigger headache.

The frustrating pattern of hiring a roofer:

  • Late or No-Show - Roofers in Miami are notorious for saying "tomorrow" and really meaning "in two weeks"

  • Price Gouging - Other roofers are taking advantage of inflation to charge exorbitant pricing

  • Worthless Warranty - Once a roofer gets paid, they vanish into thin air. They'll never go back out to re-address any mistakes.

  • Unsatisfied Customers - Everyone has a bad roofing story in the property management world for a reason. Roofers have earned their bad reputations by being rude and unhelpful.

Luckily, there's a different way. Read on to see how Reggae Roofing operates...



We don't do tentative scheduling. We'll be there exactly when we say or we discount 10% from your repair cost.


Don't trust us yet? Put us to the test by comparing our pricing with other roofers. We'll beat any other roofer's price.


We don't disappear after getting paid. We will always address any deficiencies after the job is done.


Find out why other tenants and property managers love us! We always get the job done right!


We Want Your Business!

Go ahead and treat yourself! At Reggae Roofing, all property managers and repeat customers are eligible for Referral Bonuses, redeemable as a credit for repairs/re-roofs or as cold, hard cash.

That's just another reason why property managers rate us as the #1 Roof Repair company in all of the South Florida area.

Get started on the road to your referral bonus today!

Broward Health System

Peter Coughlin, Facilities

I've had plenty of experience with horrible roofers, so finding a contractor that's honest, hard working, and gets the job done right and right away is a breath of fresh air.

Most Trusted Name in South Florida

Jackson Health System

William Rofrano, Manager

We've worked with them several times in the past decade. Too many to count. Whenever we have an emergency, we know who to turn to if we want it addressed right away.

Miami Dade Public Schools

Carlos Hernandez, GC

Jobs at schools are always a pain, but these guys still manage to make it look easy. There's nothing like working with a roofer who knows what they're doing.


Reggae Roofing is proud to service all of South Florida. If you are located in Miami Dade, Broward, West Palm Beach, or Monroe County, we can help you!

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