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Reggae Roofing is committed to getting you under the new roof you need no matter what. We've partnered up with Reggae Resources to offer financing options to you, regardless of financial situation.

Getting You The Money You Need

Reggae Roofing has knowledgeable experts on obtaining financing for required home improvement projects like re-roofs and roof repairs. Our partnered company, Reggae Resources, is not the only option for funding a new roof. The State of Florida offers various programs, like the PACE program which can fund a roof replacement through your property taxes. Alternatively, our staff has contacts at Ally Bank and Chase Bank, among others that would be more than happy to work with you to find the proper financing option for your budget and needs.

Reggae Resources, our primary financing partner, is in the business of giving loans to home owners such as yourself with competitive interest rates and low monthly payments. The way it works is rather simple:

  1. Get a Quote from Reggae Roofing - Reggae Resources won't be able to work to give you a Home Improvement Loan or Line of Credit without a quote from an approved contractor such as Reggae Roofing.

  2. Send an Application with a Funding Request - Whether you're funding the entire project or just a portion of it, Reggae Resources will review the application and contact you with funding options based on credit profile, amount requested, and modern interest rates.

  3. Receive an Approval and Select an Offer - Normally, Reggae Resources will have various sources of funding with alternate stipulations and options. Each loan varies in term length, interest rate, and payment to give you the maximum amount of options to make the best decision.

  4. Receive Your Funds and Do Your Roof! - Once an option has been selected, funding takes between 24-72 hours, at which point you'll be able to give the deposit to work on your roof.

Of course, your experience may vary depending on a variety of factors, but no matter what your credit situation, Reggae Resources should be able to find an offer that works for you.

For all the information you need, make sure to visit their website and contact them directly:






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