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Reggae Roofing's Mission

We want to be the undisputed, best roofing company in South Florida. We want our customers to feel comfortable saying that about us, and all of our leaders to feel confident proclaiming it. To us, that means taking care of roofing needs in a superior form than any other business out there.

Our Story

Reggae Roofing began in 2021 in the midst of the pandemic as a rebranding effort for Florida Roofing Solutions, a company which had been open since 1996, and grew to be one of the largest roofing companies in all of Florida, but which unfortunately lost its President and Founder to a heart attack in 2019. The Founder of Florida Roofing Solutions had a son named Edwin Gaitan Jr., who decided to take on Florida Roofing Solutions to close it down completely to open a new company with its own identity, mission, and starting point.

The company's name, Reggae Roofing, comes from the fact that the Founder of Florida Roofing Solutions, Edwin Gaitan Sr. had a passion for Reggae music and even professionally recorded a few songs with a band named the Bent Wookies. The name "Reggae Roofing" is an homage to Edwin Gaitan Sr. and his love for music and life in general. 

The mission at Reggae Roofing began as a mission to ensure that homeowners and business owners alike could relax, stress free, even in the midst of a construction project. Florida Roofing Solutions had ultimately lost its Founder to stress and so Reggae Roofing was started with the idea that people shouldn't have to stress so much, even about something as serious as construction. Most other contractors made construction a nightmare, or at the very least a stress-inducing process, and we wanted to ensure that Reggae Roofing didn't contribute to the instabilities caused by stress. 

We quickly learned that in order to achieve this ideal where homeowners and property managers and businessmen/women could live happily and free from worry during our construction, we would need to have impeccable systems. So we spent time creating systems of project-flow that could be efficient so that projects didn't interfere with people's lives for very long. More than that, we needed the projects to run effectively so that people knew that the job was being done correctly and that it would be years before they even had to think about a problem with their roof again. Finally, we needed to have the communication and transparency to alert people to what was happening with their property. Photos and daily updates became the norm and our staff was trained to be knowledgeable so they could answer questions instead of stammering through empty catch phrases. 

And then we finally realized that our mission was about more than just keeping customers stress free now. It was about becoming the greatest roofing company in South Florida, and then once that's done, it's about becoming the greatest roofing company in the whole state of Florida. 


3403 NW 82nd Ave Suite 101H

Doral, FL 33122



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